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For all questions on parenting and the parent-child relationship.

Première Ressource, aide aux parents offers unlimited free and confidential consultations by phone, email or chat in English and French. 

Parents consult us for our expertise on various issues related to parenting, for our many activities including conferences, and due to the ease of communicating with us through multiple channels. We strive to offer a personalized approach to each parent to respond to their individual needs. Our team of psychosocial professionals listen to the individualized needs of the parent and respond with personalized solutions that concrete and adapted to today's reality. With our help, parents regain their strength, their confidence in personal choices, their independence and autonomy. They regain their ability to be an empowered parent. 


  • Free
  • Confidential
  • Unlimited
  • Possibility to address multiple subjects during the same consultation
  • Follow-up offered by the same psychosocial counsellor



  • Parents, step-parents
  • Extended family members 
  • Therapists, teachers
  • Anyone with a relationship towards a youth 0-18 years of age


Child development age 0-18 | anxiety | discipline | intimidation | social media | daycare and school | shared custody | behavioural problems | mental health | living with a diagnosis | reactions to family events | family recomposition | sibling relationship | parent's feelings of powerlessness or being overwhelmed | divorce | sexuality | socializing | sleep | etc. 

We are here for you, whether it is for a simple question or a more complex problem. 

Monday to Friday, 8am to 5:00pm

(514) 525 2573 | 1 (866) 329 4223